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Nature’s Haven

"Nature's Haven," the next exquisite addition to our Fall Collection, invites you to discover a sanctuary in the heart of the season's embrace. This enchanting bar captures the soul-soothing essence of the fall, where the longing for the comforts of home meets the serene beauty of nature's bounty. With every lather, you'll be transported to a haven nestled within hay fields and vast wheat expanses, where the earthy notes of autumn leaves and the gentle whispers of a forest's secret world entwine in perfect harmony. Allow "Nature's Haven" to cradle you in the warm embrace of fall, where the scents of the season are a timeless reminder of the sanctuary we all seek amidst the changing leaves and cool, crisp air.


Saponified oils of (Coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Caster oil, Jojoba Oil), Shea Butter, Goats milk, Coloring and Fragrance.

Smells Like:

Black Amber with Fresh Fall. Morning with a hint of spice


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