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Tymeless Heritage

Introducing "Tymeless Heritage," the opulent centerpiece of our Christmas Collection, gleaming in a regal gold hue. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the season with this luxurious holiday bar that pays homage to the timeless heritage of festive celebrations.

Tymeless Heritage is a celebration of tradition and richness, embodying the spirit of the holidays in every sip. This golden elixir is a masterful blend of premium spirits, infused with hints of spiced warmth and a touch of honeyed sweetness, creating a drink that is as lavish as it is festive.


Saponified oils (Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil) Shea Butter, Goats Milk, Tussah Silk, Fragrance and Coloring

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